Who We Are

Rufftech is a long standing software development company specialising in internet-based services for more than 10 years. We are based in Budapest with a significant international working experience and client base. Knowing and employing the latest innovative technologies, our experience helps us find and implement the most effective solutions. Nothing is impossible for our team, as demonstrated by the countless projects completed successfully, satisfied clients and numerous collected awards.
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Our strengths

Web development

Mobile development

System integration

Web development

Our team encompassing talented creative artists as well as thorough frontend- and backend developers with up-to-date skills maintains our competitive capability in web-based solutions and helps us adapt to the highly diverse concepts of our clients. We are accustomed to covering the whole lifecycle of a solution. From the birth of an idea through the brainstorming, planning, designing and iterative development phases we also offer support, operation and general software maintenance services. We believe in successful projects and long-term partnerships.

  • High performance, scalable ecommerce sites with complete operational workflow support
  • Interactive web apps and specialised microsites to enhance effectiveness of your web presence
  • Developing social media apps and games
  • UI design for both web and mobile or complete brand image for your company or product

Mobile development

Our most dynamically growing business unit is software development for smartphones. The capabilities of mobile platforms evolve every day and consumers have grown to expect any online service to be accessible on their handheld devices immediately. Be it a new startup idea or the mobile-native implementation of an existing service, we can help carry out your dream.

  • Developing native Android and iOS applications
  • Creating HTML5 based responsive websites, webapps
  • Developing custom NFC based mobile solutions
  • UI and UX design of applications

System integration

With more than a decade behind us, we have realised numerous projects that required integration with external systems or hardware components. Thanks to our extensive experience we can take on any challenge with confidence, especially in the following areas:

  • NFC technology based entry and e-gift card systems, or custom software and hardware solutions
  • Development for modern, low-power hardware platforms: Raspberry PI, Arduino
  • Interfacing with SOAP or REST based web services or other unique APIs
  • Complete server hosting solutions with redundant and scalable infrastructure, VPS service


  • Symfony
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Scala
  • Bootstrap
  • node
  • Google Developers

Things we are proud of

Global Occupier Metrics

Cushman & Wakefield is a global leader company in property services. Global Occupier Metrics, one of the applications we developed for our partner, has won the innovation award of Cornet Global UK chapter in 2014 (the Association of British Corporate Real Estate industry).

This tool allows occupiers to solve space problems independently, and provides them with more power to deliver solutions with fewer resources. It provides real-time data that matters most to occupiers, benchmarks portfolios against Cushman & Wakefield’s best practices, and identifies real savings by modeling and comparing total occupancy costs.


Cushman and Wakefield



RuffPlay, a digital signage product, provides advertising services on FullHD displays in the Budapest Airport Skycourt terminal.

Our user-friendly solution allows our client to remotely control ad campaigns on the display screens via the Internet. High fault tolerance, low-power playing devices broadcast the media content 24/7.

Invoice registry

Invoice registry is a free online invoicing software. It provides simple, fast, clear-cut and painless invoicing for everyone.

Users can send invoices via email in pdf format, provide access to their accountants and clients, use it on any device and it can even be integrated with their e-commerce sites through an API.




Our clearing- and e-giftcard system is based on mobile NFC technology. Our mission is to provide a high-tech alternative to paper based solutions for small businesses. The hottest technologies are forged into this product that brings the following advantages together:

  • Mobility: location-free mobile terminals (NFC capable Android devices), browser-based web applications for management purposes
  • Cloud technology: full online database and continuous communication (terminals are WiFi and GSM enabled)
  • Security: Secure encrypted NFC tags, SSL, private communication channel
  • Ease-of-use and high throughput: NFC tags allow extremely fast transactions with a single touch
  • Price: the system is also available for rent
  • Durability: our devices are sold in waterproof edition without any extra charge